揚州達利玩具有限公司 Dali Toys and hometextile Limited

  揚州達利玩具有限公司是一家專業生產毛絨玩具的生產企業,座落于中國歷史文化名城—江蘇省揚州市,離南京市區僅約2個小時車程,交通便利,勞動力成本低廉,公司下設1個直屬工廠,一個樣品開發中心,一個業務中心,一個品控中心,共有員工100多名,年出口額約300萬美金。產品主要面向國內和國外市場,國外如美國、歐洲、中南美洲、中東、日本等 ; 主要生產泰迪熊、布娃娃、毛絨公仔、節日玩具、毛絨抱枕靠墊、暖手、抱枕被空調毯、動物玩偶、辦公室用品、家居用品等產品,擁有完整、科學的質量管理體系。揚州市達利玩具有限公司的誠信、實力和產品質量獲得業界的認可。歡迎各界朋友蒞臨參觀、指導和業務洽談。

  Dali Toys and hometextile Limited is a professional manufacturer of plush toys, located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is a famous historical and cultural city in China. The labor cost is very competitive, we are a direct plush toys factory, also we have one sample development center and a quality control team, there is more than 100 workers. The annual export value is about US $3 million. The products are mainly for foreign markets, such as the United States, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Japan and other countries. Mainly produces teddy bear, doll, plush doll, holiday toy, plush pillow cushion, pillow air-conditioned blankets, animal dolls, office supplies, household goods and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. our integrity and product quality is recognized by the industry. Welcome to visit our factory!
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